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Maxibright Maxiswitch Pro Contactors



Maxibright Maxiswitch Pro Contactors

Introducing the Maxibright Maxiswitch Pro Contactors, a premium range designed for professional grow rooms. These contactors are built using high quality components, ensuring service reliability. With a two year guarantee, you can trust their performance.

Available in four sizes – 2-way, 4-way, 6-way, and 8-way – the Maxibright Maxiswitch Pro Contactors cater to your specific needs. They offer versatile options for your grow room setups.

For heavy duty applications, these timers feature GE Contactor Switching, ensuring a long service life and high amp control. The quality IMO relay is ideal for lower amp applications, delivering efficient performance.

Maintaining precise time keeping is crucial for optimal plant growth. The Maxibright Maxiswitch Pro Contactors come with professional Grasslin panel mount timers, offering precise time keeping in fifteen minute segments. These timers have an easy to program face that allows you to set them up in seconds, saving you time.

We understand the importance of durability in your rooms. The Maxiswitch Pro Contactors come with rubberised moulded BSI approved plugs. These plugs, designed specifically for durability and break proof qualities, ensure a reliable and safe connection.

To further enhance their robustness, these contactors feature heavy duty cables that are both hardwearing and overrated. You can trust them to handle the demands of your grow rooms with ease.

The included hanging bracket, with keyhole slots, makes mounting and installation effortless. You can easily mount the timers on the wall, saving valuable space in your grow area.


The Maxibright Maxiswitch Pro Contactors come with switchable sockets, allowing you to isolate appliances with ease. This feature adds flexibility and control to your setup.

Investing in the Maxibright Pro Contactors ensures reliability, durability, and efficiency for your grow room operations. Rest assured, your investment enjoys protection with a two year guarantee.

Upgrade to the Maxibright Pro Contactors today and experience the professional grade performance you deserve in your grow rooms.


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2 way, 4 way, 6 way, 8 way

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