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Ionic Soil Bloom



Ionic Soil Bloom

Introducing Ionic Soil Bloom, the ultimate solution for growers seeking a convenient and effective nutrient option. We meticulously craft this unique single pack plant food to provide plants with the ideal blend of mineral elements in a user friendly format, making it a valuable product

Thanks to Growth Technology’s cutting edge research,  Soil Bloom combines all the essential elements necessary for plant growth into a single pack. Ensuring that these elements are dissolved and delivered in precise ratios required by plants is crucial for their stability. With its pH stability,  Soil Bloom helps growers with effortless control over their nutrient solution, guaranteeing trouble free operation.

The secret

Ionic Soil Bloom’s exceptional performance lies in its comprehensive composition, containing 14 essential elements at both macro and micro levels. This optimal combination supports vigorous growth and leads to massive yield, giving growers the results they desire.

For growers who prefer natural media for their plants, Ionic Soil Bloom offers the perfect solution. Nurturing plants in such media presents unique nutritional challenges compared to inert media like Perlite. Through extensive research and experimentation, Growth Technology has discovered that a blend of mineral and organic nutrients yields the best results with biological mediums.

This approach closely mimics how plants naturally acquire nutrients from their surroundings. Growth Technology meticulously enriches its soil nutrients with complex organic plant acids, which elevate plant food uptake and enhance growth rates and yields. Ionic Soil Bloom embodies the perfect fusion of mineral and organic nutrients, embodying the essence of the natural system.

Soil Bloom precisely formulates to meet the specific requirements of plants in a wide range of soils. It is packed with natural organic plant acids and chelation agents, making sure plants receive the necessary nourishment they need at every stage of growth. Ionic Soil Bloom offers perfect formulations for growth and bloom stages, giving growers more control over their plants.

Unlock the true potential of your plants with Ionic Soil Bloom – the ultimate harmony of mineral and organic nutrients. Experience healthy plants like never before with this top of the range plant food solution.


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