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Aeroponic Propagators




Aeroponic Propagators

Introducing the X-Stream Aeroponic Propagators, available in 12, 20, 40, 80, and 120 space sizes. These propagators utilize cutting-edge aeroponic technology to deliver incredible results in root development, allowing your plants to be ready for transplanting in as little as 10-14 days!

The X-Stream propagator works by placing cuttings in neoprene clone collars within a misting chamber. The stems of the cuttings are then constantly sprayed with a fine mist of nutrient solution, providing a continuous supply of vital nutrients, water, and oxygen to encourage rapid root growth. Without the restriction of a growing medium, roots are able to develop quickly and efficiently, resulting in healthier, stronger plants.

Controlling the heat and humidity is key to achieving the best results from your propagator, and the X-Stream makes this easy with its adjustable humidity dome. The large butterfly vents allow for gradual control of both temperature and humidity, creating the perfect growing environment for your plants to thrive.

With the X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator, you can achieve faster, more consistent root growth and healthier plants, making it an essential tool for any serious grower. So why wait? Try the X-Stream today and experience the difference for yourself!

Benefits of the system

  • The fastest root development possible – allows growers to start their crop earlier.
  • Reduced risk of transplant shock – cuttings have stronger, thicker roots and the lack of growing media means less risk of pests and disease.
  • Adjustable – control heat and humidity to suit the required growing environment.
  • Practical – check progress without disturbing plants; easy access to pump and nutrient solution.
  • Flexible – suitable for planting into any growing media or growing system.


    Leave on 24/7
    When cuttings go into the system, fill the tank with water and leave the pump on 24/7.

    Open the vents gradually
    When roots begin to show open the vents slightly, increase the opening every day and then remove the lid completely to harden off for a couple of days before transplanting on.

    They’re ready to plant into your chosen media when roots begin to poke through the mesh pot
    At this stage it’s important to move cuttings to an alternative propagator for hardening off before moving to a system. Our X-Stream Heat or Vitopod are ideal.

    Keep your water at an optimum temperature
    Propagation water should be between 22°C–26°C. We recommend an optional water NEWA heater to maintain this.


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12site, 20site, 40site, 120site


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