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House & Garden Roots Excelurator



House & Garden Roots Excelurator

Introducing the flagship product of the House & Garden lineup – Roots Excelurator. Developed specifically for soil and coco substrates, this product provides essential nutrients to rooting systems, preventing nutrient deficiency based plant disorders. With a proprietary blend of beneficial ingredients such as kelp and seed extracts, Roots Excelurator enhances root production and vigor, creating a productive zone around the roots. This zone keeps them strong and more resistant to nutrition based plant disorders, making it unmatched on the market.

Healthy roots are vital for plant growth and development, as they are the link between the plant and the substrate interactions. With Roots Excelurator, your plants will have better roots, facilitating a healthy soil structure that makes it easy for nutrients to be absorbed. The result? An excellent plant yield that will exceed your expectations.

Roots Excelurator is not only potent, but also versatile. It works effectively in soil, coco, rockwool, and other hydro substrates. Additionally, it is extremely soluble, making it perfect for any garden design, whether indoors or outside.

Don’t let nutrient deficiency based plant disorders hold your plants back. Invest in the House & Garden Roots Excelurator and watch your plants thrive.

  • Cold Pressed Norwegian Sea Kelp
  • Vitamin B complex
  • A proprietary seed extraction
  • Molasses and other ingredients
  • Beneficial microbial inoculants


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