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Standard Remote Flood & Drain Systems



Standard Remote Flood & Drain Systems

Looking for a hassle free way to maintain your hydroponic garden? The Standard Remote Flood & Drain system is the perfect solution. With its fully automated feeding system, you can take the strain out of tending to your plants and ensure they receive the nutrients they need to thrive.

Setting up and running the system is simple, making it easy to tend to your garden quickly and efficiently. You have complete control over feed times, allowing you to tailor the system to meet the needs of your plants with precision.

So how does it work? The IWS Premium Flood & Drain system is a complete nutrient delivery solution that can be customized to suit any grow room. Nutrient is pumped from the reservoir and sent to the IWS Brain at user specified times and durations, which are set on the IWS Minute Timer.

The Brain is connected to the containers in the system via 13mm pipework. As it fills up, all of the containers are filled with nutrient solution. A float switch inside the Brain turns off the nutrient flow from the tank when the water level gets too high, preventing the system from ever flooding.

Each container has two parts: an Inner and an Outer pot. The IWS Outer Pot connects to the pipework in the system, filling up with nutrient solution as the system floods. The Inner Pot sits inside the outer pot and contains the substrate and root-mass, becoming saturated as the outer pot fills up with nutrient solution.

This premium version includes pot stands and the brilliant IWS Minute Timer, which allows you to control flood and drain cycles with precision. Moreover, the IWS Flexi Tank, which is custom-made, maintains the nutrient solution in the perfect state for your plants.

In summary

The Standard Remote Flood & Drain system fully automates feeding in hydroponic gardens, making maintenance hassle-free. With precise control over feed times and a customizable design, it’s the perfect choice for any hydroponic enthusiast.


  1. Dial – Set your desired feed duration from 1 minute – 60 minute with the option of cancelling the feed at any time.
  2. Power LED – Illuminates when the system is ‘On’.
  3. Feed Pump LED – Illuminates when the system is ‘Flooding’.
  4. Drain LED – Illuminates when the system is ‘Draining’.
  5. Connection cable to the control pot (brain).
  6. ‘O’(lowest positions) overrides the timer and switches feeds off.
  7. ‘’ Follows desired set feed timings
  8. ‘I’ Overrides the timer switching the equipment permanently on.

Key features

  • Range of set-ups to suit different budgets and preferences
  • Complete control over feed times
  • Huge yields with minimum effort
  • 6–48 plants

All kits include

  • Brain control unit drain pumps and water level controllers
  • 10 Litre outer pots
  • Flexible water butt
  • All fittings and pipe
  • Feeding timer

Additional information

Flood & Drain System's

IWS STD Remote 6 Pot Punched Pots 100L FlexiTank, IWS STD Remote 12 Pot Punched Pots 225L FlexiTank, IWS STD Remote 18 Pot Punched Pots 225L FlexiTank, IWS STD Remote 24 Pot Punched Pots 225L FlexiTank, IWS STD Remote 36 Pot Punched Pots 400L FlexiTank, IWS STD Remote 48 Pot Punched Pots 400L FlexiTank

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