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ONA Mist Dispenser



ONA Mist Dispenser

Introducing the ONA Mist Dispenser, a cutting edge device revolutionizing odor control in various settings. Engineered to be used alongside the ONA-Mist Spray-can (available separately), this dispenser is your ultimate solution for eliminating odors, whether in small rooms or large spaces.

Compact yet remarkably potent, the Dispenser provides users with three adjustable timed settings, catering to areas of different sizes and varying odor levels. This adaptability ensures that every grow rooms unique requirements are met, allowing for an optimal odor control experience.

Operating with auto precision, the ONA Mist Dispenser periodically releases bursts of an exceptionally potent and effective odor spray. Its targeted formulation neutralizes an large range of unwanted odors, combating issues arising from smoke, pets, cooking, and other sources.

Benefiting from its slim design and perfect performance, the Mist Dispenser is the go to choice for those seeking to uphold a consistently clean and fragrant environment. With this device, achieving a pleasant aroma has never been easier.

The ONA Mist Dispenser not only ensures ease of use but also provides an unmatched solution for getting rid of bad odors and keeping a fresh ambiance. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of the ONA Mist Dispenser, the ultimate answer to your odor control needs.


  • ONA – Superb, long lasting & totally reliable odour control
  • Controls smells by eliminating them, not just by masking them with a strong perfume
  • Uses Mist Spray-cans (sold separately) for superb odour control
  • Effectively destroyed any odour and smell in a small to medium sized room
  • The ONA odour neutralising power in 1 can lasts for about a month in the Dispenser
  • 3 timed settings – 7.5, 15 and 30 minutes
  • Notably, the red LED gives an early warning, making it easier to stay on top of changing the can.
  • Requires 2 x C type batteries not provided


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