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Bluelab PH Pen



Bluelab PH Pen

Introducing the Bluelab pH Pen, the perfect tool for hydro grower looking to easily measure the pH and temperature of their nutrient solutions. This hardy, compact pen is designed for quick and accurate readings, making it an essential addition to any hydro toolkit.

What sets the Bluelab  Pen apart from other pH and temperature measuring devices is its fully water proof construction. Unlike water resistant alternatives, the Bluelab pH Pen is built to withstand even the wettest conditions, giving you peace of mind and accurate readings no matter the situation.

With its simple two point calibration process, you can ensure that your measurements are always accurate, providing you with confidence in your nutrient solution’s pH and temperature levels. pH Pen adjusts for temperature to give accurate readings, with precision

The pH Pen also comes equipped with an auto off function, which helps to extend battery life, making it a practical and efficient choice for hydro growers. Additionally, this pH and temperature measuring pen comes with a one year warranty, giving you added assurance.

Box includes AAA battery, power on pH Pen immediately and start measuring, no need for separate purchase. The Bluelab pH Pen is a must have for hydro growers due to its small size and user friendly design.

The Bluelab pH Pen has auto off to save battery life, making it practical and efficient for hydro growers. With its long battery life and one year warranty, you can have peace of mind that this pH and temperature measuring pen will be a reliable and practical addition to your hydro toolkit.

A hardy, compact pH and temperature pen

    • Fully water proof – not just water resistant
    • Simple two point calibration process for accuracy
    • One year peace of mind
    • Automatic temperature compensation for accurate readings everywhere
    • Auto off function to extend battery life
    • 1 AAA battery included – simply power on and go


bluelab 1 year


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